Our School

Who was E.L. Musick?


Born: April 2, 1878

Died: March 2, 1951

School Dedicated: June 14, 1958


The 50 year life career of Ephraim Musick was devoted to newspaper publication and education. He was one of the first presidents of the Newark Chamber of Commerce, served as the secretary, and worked for the realization of the Dumbarton Bridge with full faith in Newark as a future industrial city.

Musick was a constant supporter of improved rural education in California and promoted the legislation for greater rural supervision. He was a master of all subjects in the school curriculum and to him, no standard was sufficient. The best trained citizen was a paramount goal in his mind.

The welfare of Newark School and every child was an important part of his daily living pattern. His sincerity and courage won him a place of high esteem in the minds of students, parents, teachers, trustees, and other associates.

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