Parent Volunteers are so very important to our school. We appreciate the time and effort  the following parents have given to Musick  School’s events:

Spring Picture Day

Mrs. Enedina Ramirez, Mrs. Angelica Pena, Mrs. Crystal Avila

Vision Testing – 2 days

Wednesday’s service:

Ms. Yaya Ponce Bernal, Mrs. Veronica Medina, Mrs. Jesselee Garcia

Friday’s service:

Ms. Yaya Ponce Bernal, Mr. Eduardo Fonseca, Mrs. Veronica Medina


 February 26 through March 9, 2018.

What is the Golden Sneaker Contest?

The Golden Sneaker Contest is a two-week classroom competition that encourages students, parents, teachers and administrators to take the healthy route to school by choosing active or shared transportation options such as:

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Skateboarding, or any other human-powered wheels!
  • Carpooling with other families at your school, or
  • Riding public transit — like the bus or BART

How Does the Golden Sneaker Contest Work?

Students in each class keep track of their active and shared travel to school each day with a simple tally chart. At the end of the two weeks, the class with the highest percentage of class participation will receive the Golden Sneaker Award — a trophy made from shoes donated by the Golden State Warriors — and a classroom prize.

If you have a child turning 5 years old on or before September 1, 2018, he/she is eligible for Kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year. Registration for Kindergarten begins March 13, 2018.

If you have a child turning 5 years old between September 2, 2018 and January 31, 2019 he/she is eligible for Transitional Kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year. Registration for Transitional Kindergarten begins January 22, 2018.

You may pick up a packet and register at your neighborhood school for both Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten. REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS.

If your student was overflowed in the 2017-2018 school year and you would like to stay at your overflow school, complete an Open Enrollment request for each student and submit directly to the District Office between December 1 and December 22, 2017. Open Enrollment requests are NOT accepted at the school sites.

2018-2019 Open Enrollment requests to change schools for any other reason will be accepted at the District Office between January 8 and January 31, 2018. An Open Enrollment request must be completed for each student. Open Enrollment requests are NOT accepted at the school sites.

2018-2019 Interdistrict Transfer requests may be submitted to the District Office beginning March 1, 2018. Interdistrict Transfer requests are NOT accepted at the school sites.

Visit our Enrollment page for more information.

Dear Parent/Guardian:

A child who is sick will not be able to perform well in school and is likely to spread the illness to other children and staff.  Also, we have students in the school that are medically fragile and being exposed to kids with an illness might make their conditions worse.  Please help ensure that everyone, student and staff alike, can come to a safe and healthy environment in school.  

We strongly recommend that you not send your child to school if he/she has:

  • Fever (higher than 100 degrees F).  Keep your child home for 24 hours after a fever is below 100 without the aid of medication (such as Tylenol or Advil)
  • Nausea or Vomiting (2x or more) in the past 24 hours
  • Diarrhea (2x or more) in the past 24 hours
  • Strep Throat (must have been taking an antibiotic for at least 24 hours before returning to school) or severe sore throat
  • Bad cold, with a very runny nose or bad cough, especially if it has kept the child awake at night
  • Untreated, draining ears or severe earache
  • Eyes that are red, swollen crusted or draining
  • Skin rash with fever or behavioral change; contagious rash; rash that is spreading
  • Skins sores that are weeping fluid and are on an exposed body surface that cannot be covered with a waterproof dressing
  • Head lice – until your child has been treated accordingly with head lice treatment

If your child becomes ill at school and the teacher or school nurse feel the child is too sick to benefit from school or is contagious to other children, you will be called to come and take him/her home from school.  It is essential that your child’s school have a phone number where you can be contacted during the day and an emergency number in the event you cannot be reached.  If your daytime or emergency phone number changes during the year, please notify your child’s school immediately.

Please contact your child’s school or the school nurse for any questions.


Agnes Lopez, RN

District Nurse

Tel No: 510-818-4146



Estimados Padres de Familia/Guardián Legal:

Un niño que está enfermo no podrá desempeñarse bien en la escuela y es probable que propague la enfermedad a otros niños y al personal. Además, tenemos estudiantes en la escuela que son médicamente frágiles y estar expuesto a niños con una enfermedad podría empeorar sus condiciones.  Por favor ayúdenos a asegurar que todos, los estudiantes y el personal por igual, puedan llegar a un ambiente seguro y saludable en la escuela.

Recomendamos encarecidamente que no envíe a su hijo a la escuela si él / ella tiene:

  • Fiebre (más de 100 grados F). Mantenga a su hijo en casa durante 24 horas después de que la fiebre esté por debajo de 100 sin la ayuda de medicamentos (como Tylenol o Advil)
  • Náuseas o vómitos (2 veces o más) en las últimas 24 horas
  • Diarrea (2 veces o más) en las últimas 24 horas
  • Estreptococos en la garganta (debe haber estado tomando un antibiótico durante al menos 24 horas antes de regresar a la escuela) o dolor de garganta severo
  • Tiene un resfriado fuerte, con una nariz muy líquida o tos fuerte, especialmente si ha mantenido despierto al niño durante la noche.
  • Dolor del oído sin tratamiento, con drenaje o dolor de oídos severo
  • Ojos rojos, hinchados o costrosos
  • Erupción cutánea con fiebre o cambio de comportamiento; sarpullido contagioso; erupción que se está extendiendo
  • Ampollas en la pies con fluido y que se encuentran sobre una superficie corporal expuesta que no se puede cubrir con un apósito impermeable
  • Piojos en la cabeza – hasta que su niño haya sido tratado en consecuencia con el tratamiento para los piojos

Si su hijo se enferma en la escuela y el maestro o la enfermera de la escuela sienten que el niño está demasiado enfermo como para beneficiarse de la escuela o es contagioso para otros niños, se le pedirá que vaya a la escuela y lo lleve a su casa de regreso.  Es esencial que la escuela de su hijo tenga un número de teléfono donde se pueda comunicar con usted durante el día y un número de emergencia en caso de que no se pueda comunicar con usted.  Si cambia su número de teléfono diurno o de emergencia durante el año, notifique a la escuela de su hijo inmediatamente.

Por favor, póngase en contacto con la escuela de su hijo o la enfermera de la escuela para cualquier pregunta.



Agnes Lopez, RN

Enfermería del Distrito

Tel No: 510-818-4146

Dear Musick Families,

We wanted to share the three safety drills your students are participating in this year as part of our comprehensive safety plan.  The goal of practicing the drills is to help our students feel safe at school and to know what to do should an emergency arise. We are sharing this information with you so you may discuss the drills with your students.  Below is a brief description of the drills that will be practiced:

Evacuation: How to exit the school in a quick and orderly manner.  This is most typically used for a fire drill. Each class follows an exit route and are accounted for while waiting quietly with teachers outside the building.  We practice fire drills one time per month.  No one can enter the school during an evacuation.

Lockdown: How students are kept safe when there is a potential threat within the school.  Students practice staying quiet and unseen. We practice lockdown drills every other month. Nobody may leave their classroom during a lockdown and entry into the school is not permitted.

Earthquake: How students keep safe should an earthquake occur. Students will practice  the “duck and cover” position.  Then students will practice evacuating the school when it is safe to do so.  We practice earthquake drills every other month. No one can enter the school during an evacuation.

We strongly encourage you to talk to your students about what to do both at school and at home in the event of a crisis.  If you have any questions about any of our safety procedures please don’t hesitate to contact us at 510.818.4000.


Amanda Golliher


[email protected]

Morning Line Up: This year morning line up for grades K-6 will be held on the upper grade play yard.  Students will line up behind their teachers and be led to their classrooms at 8:10. Each Monday we will have “Morning Minutes” where announcements and celebrations will take place. Parents are encouraged to join us.

Adults on Campus: Between 8:10 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. all visitors must sign-in at the office. To provide a safe learning environment for our students we need to be aware of who is on our campus. Parents may join their students as they line-up in the morning but must say good-bye to their children in the yard. If visiting or volunteering throughout the day, parents must sign-in at the office before going to the classroom.

Student Pick-Up: Kinder students will be picked up on the kinder yard. Parents may enter the yard and wait for teachers to bring the students to them. Kinders will be dismissed by there teachers in the preschool yard. First – Sixth grade students will be dismissed by their teachers to the courtyard or upper grade yard. Parents are encouraged to park and meet their students in the courtyard. Monday through Thursday dismissal is at 2:32. On Fridays students are dismissed at 1:05.

Parking Lot Procedures: Please help us in keeping our parking lot safe. At drop off and pick-up times we have cones creating one lane of traffic to avoid students running between vehicles.  Parking and waiting at the curb is not allowed as it creates a traffic back-up. If your child is not ready to be picked up, please circle around.

Thank you, Musick Families, for supporting your child and their education. We look forward to working with you this year to ensure that our students are growing as scholars and citizens. As always, please contact the office your your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Principal Golliher