Congratulations to our New SSC Members!

Although voting participation was low this year, we had parents representing TK- 6th grade students submit their ballots. Thank you for those that took the time to vote either online or in-person at Picture Day.

2020-2021 SSC Members

1. Mrs. Wilson, parent YR 1
2. Mr. Jacobs, parent YR 1
3. Mrs. Rafeh, parent YR 2
4. Mrs. Fink, parent YR 2
5. Mrs. Medina, parent YR 2
6. Ms. Cordero, teacher YR 1
7. Mr. Daniels, teacher YR 2
8. Mr. Haley, teacher YR 2
9. Mrs. Cortez, office manager YR 1
10. Mrs. Golliher, principal


This council will guide our goal creations, site plans, and site spending. All meetings are open to the public and parents are encouraged to come. This year all meetings will be held virtually. Please contact me if you would like to attend and need translation other than Spanish.

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