2018-2019 Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

Student safety is of the utmost importance to us all.  Please help us keep our school safe by following these procedures. 


  • Students may be dropped off off along the curb near the multi-purpose room. Pull up completely to curb and watch for small children.
  • If students are getting breakfast or are here prior to 8am, they must go to the cafeteria where there is supervision. If students are with parents prior to 8AM, they must remain in the courtyard until the bell. This is for the safety of all students.
  • At 8 AM the bell will ring. Teachers will be in their assigned yard duty areas promptly at 8 AM.
    Students K – 6 will go to the upper grade yard while TK students will go to the TK/PS yard with parents.
  • At 8:09 the warning bell will ring. Students will go to their line area. Tuesday -Friday, at 8:10 teachers will escort students to their classrooms. On Mondays, students and families will remain for Monday Minutes before going to their classrooms.


  • At 2:32 the bell will ring.
    Students in grades K- 6 will be escorted by their teacher to the courtyard. Students picking up younger siblings may meet their sibling in the courtyard. TK students will be escorted to the PS/TK yard where you will be waiting for them.
  • Parents may park in any empty spots in either parking lot. If no spots are available, parents must utilize street parking. Cars should not be left unattended or parked near curbs.
  • Parents may pull over to the curb for student pick-up students. Please look for the blue chalk line near the office. Students should be picked up after this line near the courtyard area. If no space is available for curb pick-up, or your child is not ready, you should drive around again (think airport pick-up procedures).
  • The school is in use by different groups until 6PM this year and school will be considered in session until this time. This means that students and families may not stay and play after school on the yards. This is a safety precaution for all of the students and staff on site.

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